Modifications Guidelines

In response to Florida’s 2007 Legislative Updates concerning 
Associations, Section F.S.720.3035, the Board of Directors of 
Auburn Lakes Association hereby set forth as clarified 
guidelines and standards for the use, size, color or location 
of the structure or improvement to the property of our Residents.
Please use this in conjunction with Auburn Lakes Declarations,
Covenants and Bylaws.


The plans and specifications for every proposed improvement 
to the exterior of a home or home landscaping in the Auburn 
Lakes Association must be reviewed and approved by our Community 
Modification Review Committee (CMRC) before the improvement 
can commence. Such plans and specifications should set forth the 
type, kind, nature, design, style, shape, size, height, width, 
length, scale, color, quality, quantity and materials of the 
proposed improvement. Modification application forms are 
available through Fairway Management or through Auburn Lakes
website at  under “Modification 
Guidelines”.  These application forms provide the basic 
information needed for review and approval of the improvement. 
Any questions in reference to the application can be submitted 
to Fairway Management.

DRIVEWAYS — Driveways shall be constructed of concrete or 
masonry pavers color and style as designated in the Board 
Approved Design and Color Scheme Book. Asphalt
paving, epoxy-bonded aggregate, gavel, and mulch are 
prohibited for use as driveway materials. Staining of county 
sidewalks is prohibited*. (*Please see attached
memorandum from Brevard County Board of Commissioners). 
Approval can be obtained through CMRC for driveway and walkway 
sealer by using only Color Concrete (Richard’s Paint #521 
or Sherwin Williams SW7672) for driveway and entrance walkway.  
Or the equivalent or better.

Driveways, walkways and street gutters should be pressure washed 
periodically to remove mildew, algae, oil or rust stains.

LANDSCAPE — All lawns, landscaping and trees will be maintained 
in a neat and orderly manner. St. Augustine/Floritam sod must be 
used for all lawns. All trees in the swale (apron) must be kept 
trimmed so branches are at least six feet (72 inches) above the 
sidewalk and at least 8’ above the street as not to obstruct vehicle 
or pedestrian traffic.

*Homeowners have the option to remove existing oak trees from 
the swale and replace them with a Queen Palm tree.

No ground cover plantings, gravel or rock shall substitute for 
sod as lawn material.

To avoid blocking views from an adjacent residence, no shrub 
mass shall extend beyond the rear line of a residence if the 
rear lot borders a lake, preserve or conservation area.  Existing
planted trees in the rear yards that border a lake, preserve or 
conservation area that are placed beyond the rear line of a 
residence need to be trimmed fifty inches (50")from the ground up. 
Those residences with existing trees or shrubs that border a lake,
preserve or conservation area will be grandfathered in but need to 
observe the trimming requirement.

For consistency in the landscape design of Viera, all plant material 
shall be selected from the approved plant list and approved by CMRC. 

Do not remove or exchange vegetation with items that are not 
approved in the VECA covenants.

ROOFS — Roof pitches and overhangs may vary as necessitated by 
architectural design,however, no flat roofs are allowed. A minimum 
roof slope of 5-in—l2 and a minimum roof overhang or soffit of l2" 
is required. It is the home owner’s responsibility to maintain 
clean roofs, fascia & gutters.

ALUMINUM ROOFS — Porch/patio/lanai enclosures incorporating 
un-shingled aluminum roof panels ARE NOT PERMITTED.

SHINGLES — Use of architectural-type fiberglass, anti-fungus 
shingles with a minimum of a 20 year warranty is required. 
Existing shingles on a roof must be maintained in good repair 
and kept free of mold or mildew.

SOLAR PANELS — When used on roofs, solar energy equipment such 
as solar panels, solar modules or piping should be well 
integrated into the roof design in terms of placement and color. 
The CMRC must review placement and orientation of solar energy 
equipment. This equipment may not be placed on the Front face 
of the roof.

AWNINGS — The use of canvas awnings require approval by CMRC. No
 metal awnings are permitted.

SHUTTERS — Exterior shutters, when used as an architectural element,
shall be painted to complement the body color of the residence or 
painted to match window trim color. Permanent shutters need prior 
approval by CMRC before they are installed.
No prior approval is necessary for storm shutters intended for 
use only as an emergency measure. If hurricane shutters are to 
remain in place for a period longer than two weeks, Fairway 
Management must be notified and the shutters must be painted 
to match the base color or window color of the residence.

FENCES — Fencing materials and location must be specifically 
approved by Fairway Management. In no event shall any fence 
exceed 6 feet in height from grade to top of fence or be shorter 
than 4 feet from grade to top of fence. All fences shall be of the 
height, type and style as approved in our existing covenants — 
"A fence is not to exceed the maximum height of six (6) feet 
and must be constructed of a shadow box, board on board, design.

Fences are required to be set back 10’ from the front building 
line on each side of the residence.

All lake, pond, and preserve homes may have a maximum 6 foot 
fence between the adjacent homes for privacy, but no fence may 
extend beyond the rear line of the home.

The use of landscaping is encouraged to visually soften fences. 
All fences must be maintained in good repair and either painted 
with a clear sealer (such as Thompson’s Water Seal) (*Please note 
that based on experience clear sealer does not stand up to 
environmental conditions as well as permanent stain), Richards Wood
RX in Country White, Harvest Gold or Arabian Sand or Sherwin 
Williams #351 l, #3 029, #3504, #3030 and #7006 or a color that 
matches the house. The maintenance of the fence (all sides) is 
the responsibility of the homeowner who owns the fence.  Corner 
lot fences must be set back a minimum of 3’ off of community 
sidewalks and conform to the community’s height requirements.

GUTTERS — Exposed gutters and down spouts may be painted to match 
the body color of the home or white in color.

WINDOWS — Windows should be clear glass or tinted glass of 
gray or smoke colors.  No reflective glass or reflective 
tinting may be used. Window screening may be black or gray. 
Window reflective screening from Sun Blox must be approved 
for color by CMRC.

UNITS — fencing or landscaping shall be placed in front of all 
air conditioner condensing/heat pump units and trash areas. 
The fencing or landscaping must be long and tall enough to shield 
the unit from view and at a minimum height of 36 inches and 
maximum height of 72 inches. Fences must be maintained in good 
repair, and either sealed stained or painted the same approved 
color of the dwelling. When landscaping is used as a screen, 
it must be no less than 36" tall but high enough to screen the 
equipment and dense enough to block the view of the equipment. 
Auburn Lakes.

FLAGPOLES — One flagpole no higher than 18 foot tall, as measured 
from the sidewalk grade to the top of the pole, may be located 
within the front or rear yard of a residence provided it is 
located no closer than 5’ to the sidewalk and outside of any 
public easements. Flags flown from residential flagpoles are 
to have a maximum size of 3 foot x 5 foot.  Proper flag 
etiquette shall be observed.

FOUNTAINS/STATUES/TOPIARIES — All features such as fountains, 
statues and topiaries when visible from streets, sidewalks and 
common areas, must be approved by the CMRC.

DRIVEWAY REFLECTORS — Driveway reflectors of any type are not

PORCH/PATIO/LANAI ENCLOSURES — Enclosures incorporating 
un-shingled aluminum roof panels are not permitted. The 
roof of any such enclosure that is not screen must be shingled 
and constructed as a gable or hip roof.  Shed type roofs for 
such enclosures are not permitted. All aluminum framing components 
for such enclosures shall match the window trim of the residence 
and all screening shall be black or gray.

SWIMMING POOLS — Swimming pools are to be in-ground pools only. 
No above
ground or temporary swimming pools are allowed in the Auburn Lakes. 
Swimming pools should be designed so they do not impact adjoining 
properties with light or noise. The swimming pool pump, filter area 
and propane tank shall be fenced or screened from public view with 
a fence or landscaping screen. The fence needs to be at a height 
equal to or greater than the pool pump and filter but no less than 
36" high. When landscaping is used as a screen, it must be dense 
enough to block the view of the equipment.  Same rules as Air 
Conditioner should be used.

Children’s wading pools are permitted but must be emptied and 
stored after each use.

BUILDING FACADE — Inappropriate use of materials and colors are 
not permitted on the home’s exterior. All materials and proposed 
colors to be used by the homeowner must be selected from the 
approved Design and Color Scheme Book. This book will be
available for review through Fairway Management. Examples of 
inappropriate materials are concrete flowers, plastic or 
simulated brick materials, plastic wood materials or simulated 
stone and painted symbols.

RESIDENCE COLORS — The exterior base, trim, door and roof colors
of a residence shall be specifically reviewed and approved by CMRC 
in conjunction with the Color Scheme Book as approved by the Board 
of Directors. Please contact Fairway
Management to see the pre-approved color pallet for use in our 
neighborhood.  The exterior base color for any residence shall 
not duplicate the exterior base color of any existing residence 
located on the lot directly across the street from the proposed
residence or any existing residence located on the lot adjoining 
the side boundary lines of the proposed residence.

CHANGE OF COLOR — Repainting any residence in any colors which 
were previously approved, must now meet the pre-approved colors 
as outlined in the Approved XYZ Color Scheme Book. No other colors 
will be grand fathered in. Please contact Fairway Management to see 
the pre-approved color pallet for use in our neighborhood.

CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS — It is imperative that all sites be 
maintained in a clean and tidy manner. All construction materials 
must be kept within the property lines, maintaining a clear street 
right of way. The storage of materials should be in an 
inconspicuous area of the work site and should be neat and orderly. 
The use of adjoining property for access or storage of materials
 without written permission of the adjacent owner is prohibited. 
At the end of each work day trash must be gathered and placed in 
a trash receptacle.  Upon completion of the approved improvement,
 all building debris must be removed from the site and surrounding
 area. Any damages to neighboring landscaping will be the 
responsibility of the homeowner where the work was performed 
and must be corrected at their expense.  Fairway Management will 
inspect the improvements. If it is found that such work has
not been done in strict compliance with the home owner’s 
application approved by CMRC and all conditions relating to such 
approval, Fairway Management shall notify the owner in writing 
of such noncompliance within a two week period specifying in 
reasonable detail the particulars of noncompliance and shall 
require the owner to remedy the same. The homeowner shall 
notify Fairway Management when such noncompliance has been 
corrected and then Fairway Management will re-inspect the 

SIGNAGE - Signs of any kind are not permitted on any portion
 of the District Property except for Real Estate "For Sale" 
Signs or Viera approved "Garage Sale" Signs. No homemade sign 
or any kind are allowed including but not limited to Garage 
Sale, For Rent or For Sale signs.

A home owner’s vehicle, whether personal or company owned, 
with any signage visible to the street, is not allowed to be 
parked overnight in the driveway. Signage of this type may 
be covered or the vehicle needs to be parked in the garage.
Marked police vehicles are the only exception to this 
requirement and can remain parked in the driveway without 
covering or removing of signage.

BASKETBALL HOOPS — When not in use, freestanding basketball 
hoops should be stored in an inconspicuous spot.

POOL Posted pool rules are to be followed.  Do not prop the 
pool gate open.

PETS — All dogs, cats and other household pets allowed hereunder 
must be leashed when outside and shall not be permitted to run 
loose or on other peoples private property. Those pets which, 
in the sole discretion of the Association, endanger the 
health, make objectionable noise or constitute a nuisance 
or inconvenience to the Owners of Auburn Lakes may be removed 
by the Board of Directors and handed over to the appropriate 
state or county authority.  This is also a County Ordinance 
Section 14-57 Creation of Nuisance.  Please respect your 
neighbors’ property and the Brevard County Code; Chapter 14, 
Sec 14-59 Animal Enforcement Ordinance by curbing your dog 
and picking up their waste.  That Code stipulates "It is 
the responsibility of the owner or person in control of the 
animal to dispose of and remove any excretion caused by the 
animal. Do not allow your dog to trespass on private property 
while being walked.

YARD TRASH — Yard trash should be stored out of view from 
the street until the day before pick-up. Leaving yard trash 
out at the curb for more than one day is an eyesore for the 
community and can be hazardous to other residents in the 
event of a severe storm (flying debris).

STREET PARKING — As a reminder, resident vehicles should 
be parked in the home owner’s garage or driveway at all times 
as outlined in our Declaration of Covenants, Section 8. 
"Owners shall not park in the streets, or on yards, medians 
or Common Areas or over sidewalks". Since we are not a Gated 
Community our roads are County owned and our residents are 
subject to receive a summons for street parking from the 
Sheriff's Office or Code Enforcement. If you have an issue 
with street parking near your residence, please contact the 
Sheriffs non-emergency number at (321) 633-7l62. You may 
also contact Fairway Management.

*Document created July 6,2012.


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