We will be posting a list of some of the original contractors who worked on the homes in Auburn Lakes.  If you have the original kitchen cabinets, there may be a list of the contractors for your home posted on the inside of the cabinet door under the kitchen sink.

These are the ones I have under my cabinet.  Yours may be different.

The general contractor was Holiday Builders, telephone:

1(866) 744-2780 (Toll Free)

Electrical              Peays                                         321-768-0814

Plumbing            Naber                                         321-724-0504

Air Condition     Mid-Florida                               321-725-6868

Appliance            Maytag                                      321-254-2634

Carpet                  Classic Floor                             321-254-3465

Cabinets              Braden                                       321-636-4700

Windows             Cox                                              321-676-6196

Security Sys       ADS                                              321-254-8877

Irrigation Sys    Sprinklers USA                          321-631-8133

Garage Door     Omega                                        321-724-1593

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