Application For Approval


Property Owner: ______________________________________Date: _____________

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________

Phone Number:_________________________E-mail:__________________________

Approval requested for:
(if different from mailing address)___________________________________________

Approval is hereby requested to make the following modification, alteration or addition to my home or lot. I understand that the review period does not commence until all documentation to complete my application is received by the ARC. I also acknowledge that work will not commence on this improvement until notification of approval has been received by the ARC. If this application is approved, I (we) accept full responsibility for any actions of the vendor or contractor or their employees for any damage or alterations, which may happen to common areas for other property in Auburn Lakes. I (we) further state that I (we) will be responsible to obtain all appropriate permits, licenses or insurance as may be required by City, County or State agencies prior to commencement of this project and further agree to forward to Fairway Management copies of any permits obtained as attachments to this application for future review if needed.

Approval is only good for one (1) year from date signed.

Exterior Painting ( For consideration of colors not in the approved book, please attach paint samples with manufacturer name, color and paint number.)


Accent:__________________________Garage Door:____________________________

Landscaping Plan (Attach copy of proposed plan)

Fence Plan and Detail (Attach copy of plot plan with sketch showing fence location and denoting type, height, color, etc.)

Pool Plan and Detail (Attach copy of plot plan with sketch showing pool location, proposed screening, etc.)

Screen Room or Addition (Attach copy of plot plan with sketch showing improvement, denoting materials to be used, colors, etc.)

Other: (List details and attach copy of plan. i.e., satellite dish, solar device, storm shutters.)

Signed:_____________________________Date Reviewed: __________

Application Approved____ Application Denied___


Signature of ARC Representative:_________________________________________


The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) reviews all requests for modifications to homes and lots following the original lot improvements. The ARC encourages tasteful and aesthetically pleasing architectural design consistent with the existing structures and landscaping within the District. The ARC is concerned with the impact of any improvement to the surrounding neighbors and property.

To complete an application, the resident must submit:

  1. A completed application form.

  2. A detailed scale drawing, construction plans, or final survey as appropriate, of the improvement (i.e. room addition, screen enclosure, landscape redesign, etc.)

  3. A thorough description of the changes proposed will facilitate the ARC in arriving at a decision, thereby expediting your application.

The review process may take up to a month, but every effort is made to accommodate the desire of homeowners to “get on with their project”.

Thank you for your application that can be dropped off or mailed to:


c/o Tom Dillon

1331 Bedford Dr. Suite 103

Melbourne, Florida 32940

Fax – 321-777-4646

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