This blog is for the use of residents of Auburn Lakes.

Its primary use is so we can have better communications with the Board of Directors of our Association.

Board members do read the blog.

If you have any complaints or suggestions, please leave your comments.

Hopefully we will make our community a better place for all of us.

4 Responses

  1. I totally agree on the beautiful palm trees and hopefully we can get some community support to beautify all of AB

  2. It is with complete disgust and disappointment that I am making this post..
    I recently moved into the Auburn Lakes Community with my children. I was of the impression that this was a family oriented community and not one that has “55+/retirement community” statutes attached to it.
    After a hard days work, I came home to get a “New Resident Welcome” that was more like a “You are NOT WELCOME” letter. The letter stated: “In driving by, we’ve noticed you out in the driveway with your children playing outside quite a bit…We respect your right to sit in your driveway…” and in the same breath it was made clear that there is a park and pool area specifically for children. The response I would love to give would not be appropriate in this forum, so I will simply state that I work hard so that my kids can have a driveway to play in; I am a strong believer in a healthy lifestyle for children hence I will continue to encourage outdoor activity in efforts of not having them become a part of the obesity statistic!!
    My children are raised to respect themselves first and to respect others. With that said I am highly offended that it was also stated: “we have enjoyed this being a quiet neighborhood with well behaved children”. Who ever constructed this letter has crossed the boundary of deeming my children unruly and a hazard to this community. The better approach would have been to knock on my door and give a formal greeting and get to know my family before blatantly disrespectful conclusions are made.
    I believe if you are discomforted by the joys of children playing you should take it upon yourself to isolate yourself or post a sign in your driveway to identify yourself a MISOPEDIAC. Keep your mind and body occupied and concern yourself with your own unresolved issues and DO NOT try to rob these kids of their childhood!!
    I will do the “fellow residents” who constructed this letter a favor and take it upon myself to make this letter a public display so that others with children will be forewarned of the warm welcome they just may receive if they decide to reside in Auburn Lakes.

    Best Regards,

    Ayana Williams-Wood, DDS.

    • Ayana, I love the sound of children playing and I am much older than 55. Whoever wrote the letter to you does not speak for the community. I would hope that the person who wrote you the letter was just trying to point out some of the facilities that are available and nothing more. Most of the special events we have are for the children in our community such as the 4th of July Parade, and having Santa Claus here during the holidays. I hope this experience does not sour you on our community.

    • Ayana,
      I am terribly sorry that you had such an experience as a new member to our community. As Gordon mentioned, whoever wrote that letter to you does not speak for the community. My family has lived here for over 4 years and we’ve never encountered anyone, of any age, that made us feel as though children were not welcome. My daughter, the children across the street, and the children a few houses down play together outside all the time, making the noise that only children can make. We’ve never had a complaint, a dirty look, or a huffy breath.

      I hope that you give our community a chance and don’t let this negative experience sour your opinion of us. We are very family oriented and have a lot of events throughout the year that focus on the children. These events are attended by all our residents, young, old and in-between. I also invite you to attend the Board of Director meetings that take place quarterly, so that you can be involved with helping shape our community and get to meet the board and other members of the community.

      Warm Regards,
      Jen Sizemore

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