Please distribute the important information below that I just received in regards to numerous car burglaries that have been happening throughout the Rockledge/Viera areas. Please be on alert and make sure to keep your homes and vehicles locked at all times, “and don`t leave valuables” in your cars overnight.


Here is some information passed on by the Rockledge Police Dept and other information that I thought was worthwhile to pass on to you.

During the late night hours of 20 June until sometime in the early morning hours of 21 June, a number of vehicle burglaries were committed in Brevard County.  There have been several vehicle burglaries reported, 4 in Chelsea Park (in Rockledge just east of the intersection of Murrell and Barnes Blvd) and numerous burglaries elsewhere in the county outside Rockledge in the Viera area.  It is suspected that there were more vehicle burglaries, not yet reported.  Local law enforcement needs your assistance in determining how many more.  Five arrests have been made.

The burglaries have been to unlocked vehicles in the driveways.  A couple of the car thefts were also previously reported due to keys being left in the vehicles and also garage door openers being left in the unlocked cars.  In two reports, the burglars used the garage door openers to gain entry to the house during the night when residents were home.  These incidents are happening in gated and non-gated neighborhoods.

If you leave your vehicle(s) outside your garage and have been burglarized or suspect your car may have been tampered with, within the past 24 hours, contact the police immediately. It is essential to the success of the investigation, in gathering evidence and determining the extent of the criminal activity.

If you have any information regarding this, contact the Rockledge Police Department at 321-690-3988 and for those in Viera, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office at 321-2123 and for non-emergency dispatch 321-633-7162.  Stay alert to things going on around you and report ANY suspicious activity to the Police or Sheriff’s Office right away!  And of course if necessary, dial 911.

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